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Book Reviews By Kelly Reynar

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Book Reviews And A Few More To Come

Power of a parents blessing By Craig hill / is a book that touched my heart deeply. It instructs us how we can form our Christian Households and our Children to live a blessed life. It encouraged me to have hope in forming our family in a world where most would describe their family life as chaotic & difficult.

Prayer Warrior by Stormie Omartian / This helped me gain a voice to what my heart was feeling in the need and pray for a situation/circumstance. It helped realize what power I had through speaking the word in an atmosphere of advancement for my life and those I could help.

The Blessing of the Lord by Kenneth Copeland / I was mostly in shock while reading this book. Asking myself I had I never know any of this. The proof and way to see that God’s Promises in the Bible are for our current lives. If you need to grab ahold of the treasures God has in store for your life, read this.

Approval Addiction by Joyce Meyer / I was in the worst way needing to read this book which was a gift from a dear friend and must have sat on my shelf for almost 2 years. This was a good read for I have been able to build on the foundation she sets for your mind. I learned through applying this book that the biggest approval I sought after was my own. For example I have incredible compassion for others, but don’t include myself in that. Turning 40 has also helped me shrug off what I feel others may think. Joyce says it best when she says we really are not that important to others and they are not even thinking about us; let alone talking about us.

Prayers that avail much by Germaine Copeland / This three volumes in one is absolutely a must for every believer that is determined to grab ahold of God’s great promises that are Yes and Amen. Enough said…

Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian / This book was great because she is real when she says you don’t need to have a heart that is in a good place with your husband to pray for him. I have had experience with this in my life early in my marriage and walk with God I heard Joyce Meyer say in one of her shows that you don’t have to feel like forgiving someone in your heart to accomplish this. You be determined to confess & surrender your will then let God do the rest.

Glory on Your House by Jack Hayfor / My Pastor recommended this book during a great Parents learning session we attended. I loved it! Beautiful way to remind us how our home is where the Presence of the Lord should always dwell and we should take that out to our world wherever we go.

5 Love Languages for Children by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell / It was like a whisper to my heart about things your heart knows but you can’t find the words to describe. I believe this will help me be an effective communicator and assist me in navigating what maybe driving my children’s emotions.

Seven Fire Anointings by Ron Steinbrenner / This book described for me the significace of our Praise & Worship. God created everything for a reason and many times over people responded to the presence of God by movement. In here you will be moved by the Holy Spirit to rise up in times of trouble and respond with the fire of God that is in every believer.

Lead me, Holy Spirit by Stormie Omartian / This book had me cultivating the Holy Spirit and learning to hear his voice speaking into my moments

Give them Grace by Elyse M Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson – currently reading review on the way

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N Aron, Ph. D – currently reading review on the way

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